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The cultural experience activity of broekhin middle school in the Netherlands ended
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The early morning sun shines on the broad playground, on the long golden hair of these foreign students. After a training of Taiji class, Dutch teachers and students are more energetic and vigorous. They walk into the English reading class of Guo Shanshan.

Mr. Guo told the students about the loss of Titanic, and combined with the film Titanic, made the students use the classroom knowledge to restore the film fragments for performance, increased the interest of the classroom and enhanced the interest of the students. Luna paulzen, a Dutch student, said excitedly, "I thought that language learning needs to be memorized deliberately, but your classroom has made people master more knowledge imperceptibly through film clip performance, which is very meaningful."

Walking into the playground, entering the 42 characteristic courses - Sunshine body key course, these Dutch teachers and students were shocked by the dignified and orderly team, and encouraged by the loud slogans. A Dutch student was summoned by such powerful squares, and quickly joined the team of Chinese students. Together with them, he formed a square, and completed an unforgettable and meaningful key lesson. "If you see such a well-trained student, you can see the hope of a nation," said Jeroen bicker, a Dutch teacher

A special cultural exchange seminar was held in Huacui garden. In the face of different cultures, students from both countries have expressed strong interest. At the seminar, the students of the international class introduced to them the national traditional musical instruments, traditional festivals, Chinese food and four major inventions, etc. a section of zither performance deepened the Dutch teachers and students' understanding of Chinese culture. Dutch students also made a detailed and interesting introduction to their national culture and urban development. Their love for their national culture was filled with pride. Then we had a heated one-on-one discussion, from school education to family environment, from hobbies to social news. During the discussion, we learned about the cultural differences and characteristics of each other. Students from both countries said that this was a very happy experience.  In the end, the seminar came to an end in the enthusiastic dance performances of students from China and the Netherlands.

While building cultural self-confidence, we should respect other cultures and love the diverse world. At this seminar, we saw the world of he he, China and the Netherlands!

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