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Our school held a "Chinese Good Poetry" Recitation Contest for exchange students
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The ancient poetry of China is a monument of great significance. It records the historical heritage of Chinese civilization. The ancient Chinese poetry is a crown of glory that is encrusted with the treasures of Chinese literature.

On the afternoon of January 2nd, 16 students from Thailand and Italy in the 42nd Middle School of Shijiazhuang City were enshrined in the country of poetry and shared a cultural feast: reading eternal poetry, appreciating Chinese civilization, and being refined youths.

Four teachers were invited to be the judges in the contest, namely Li Huijun, Zhang Yanyan, Jiang Liying, and Zhang Meile.

Accompanied by the melodious ancient music, the Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest kicked off.  Li Kexin, a Thai student, swore in with deep feelings and expressed the spirit of Li Bai, the famous ancient poet. The abundant emotions won praises from the judges.

Xuan Xuan, an Italian student, eloquently recited the poem “sympathy for the peasants”, and the sad and distressed look gave the impression of a desolate atmosphere.

Each of the 16 players has its own merits. The immersive presence of the audience is like passing through a historical cultural tunnel and comprehending the spiritual nourishment brought about by Chinese civilization.

The judge Li Huijun made a direct comment on the comprehension of the competitor's breath, emotions and music, combining with her own experience, who revealed that the students should have been integrated into poetry and should have brought emotions. In addition, the judge Zhang Meile shared some reading skills. She demanded that classmates should draw out the charm of the poem while also producing the poetic disposition. When judging the strength of the contestants, the judge Zhang Yanyan placed hope on the selection of the rhythm of the ancient poetry. She encouraged the students to “let the charm of reading and the atmosphere of Chinese civilization infiltrate your life.”

Accompanied by moving, joy and excitement, "Chinese Good Poetry" Recitation Contest for exchange students came to a successful conclusion. After experiencing the wisdom contest and pinnacle duel, Thai students Zeng Jinxiang and Huang Jinjia jointly won the first prize. Teacher Li Huijun said that this competition was not only a stage for self-expression, but also an opportunity to enhance the love and respect of exchange students for the Chinese civilization. Chinese good poetry is the Chinese people's elegant feelings, and it is the spiritual praise of the world.

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