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Several students won awards in ACTS over the quality and ability of students in the national finals
Time:2014-4-8 9:04:15      Read:1157      Translator:Duan Litao

    From February 5 to 8,2014, 2013 ACTS Chinese general ability Campus Contest National Finals were held in Beijing. 11 contestants from our school stood out from the trials and participated in the finals. As a result, nine won success and three got the Excellence Award.
 Chen Zihao from Class 12, Grade 8, won the bronze medal in Chinese reading and writing; Zhou Ziyu won the English Speaking Award; Chen Zihao won the silver medal on application of mathematical inquiry; Zhang Chi won the English Reading and Writing Award. Teacher Liu Chunjing was awarded the "Best Gardener" title.
 Zhang Ye from Class13 ,Grade 8, won the Silver on mathematical inquiry and application. Teacher Wang Shuxian, was awarded the "Best Gardener" title.
 Lin Yiyang from Class 1, Grade 10 of Senior high, won the silver medal in Chinese reading and writing, and on application of mathematical inquiry, Shi Wenjie won the bronze medal. Wang Lizhi , the teacher, was awarded the "Best Gardener" title
 Hao Jiajun, from Class 7, Grade 10 of senior high school, won the gold medal on application of mathematical inquiry, meanwhile got an access to ACTS "special talent academic study" recommended qualifications to study abroad. Teacher Li Xiaomin, was awarded the gold medal instructor award by the contest organizing committee.
 ACTS Chinese general ability campus competitions, is based on the "Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan", "Ministry of Education on the evaluation and actively promote the reform of primary and secondary school examination system," and other relevant documents, according to the National Education and theoretical methods evaluate the overall quality of the competition with the new examination standards established. Using "ACTS evaluation and examination techniques", based on scientific education to the new curriculum standards "moral and quality, aesthetics and emotion, exercise and health, communication and cooperation, and explore the application" as the goal, designed to detect, evaluate players general ability to comprehensively promote Chinese pupils and students on campus to learn, grow and become excellent.
 Our school attaches importance to organize students to participate in various school competitions, with open-minded and tolerant mind to study new ideas and methods on foreign educational research, broaden horizons of both students and teachers and diversified structures conducive to the development platform. High quality language teachers will be able to integrate a variety of effective methods at home and abroad, so that students can learn to use language in harmonious environment and in the process of natural language learning knowledge. Language skills and awareness of intercultural communication will be nurtured. Math teachers foster mathematical thinking, mathematical optimization objective way of thinking, attention to student learning characteristics and recent developments in the area, to stimulate students' active participation, broad participation, in-depth participation in the classroom, through the integration of the static materials and design into line with student cognitive dynamic curriculum so that students use the classroom to demonstrate self-releasing potential, give bold expression as a fun stage. Learning content visualization, the learning process of students, learning diversity, reflect the nature and characteristics of subjects and improve ideas on the teaching of the subject of disciplinary literacy courses.

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